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2014 Make A Wish Kickball Tournament:

Saturday June 21, 2014:  As with last year the "registration fee"/fundraising amount, $500; that's $45.45/person for a team of 11, continues to still be high that Arty is thinking about doing a kickstarter to pay or help pay for some of the amount for us to play.  The only thing is that in order to register a credit card is now required so what we will do is to help protect the team and the individual players is that the team/Arty will get us registered and then everyone that is interested needs to give Arty the money directly and he will hold onto it and give it back if we don't get enough money/interest by the deadline. Deadline is June 16th, 2014!

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The Ballbarians are run on a tight budget and make no real money on the teams and things we do.  We do as a labor of love and enjoy doing it.
We however have some costs running this website, providing the gifts we hand out, etc.  So if you appreicate all the hard work & fun we provide, and would like to donate some money to the team we would greatly appreicate it.  You can donate below by clicking on the button.  Thanks in advance!

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