Who are the Ballbarians?

The Ballbarians are non-competitive & competitive team/group that play Kickball, Dodgeball, Soccer, Wiffleball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, and participate in various other alternative sports & activities.

We are always looking for fun new things to do, to get new people to join in, play, create long lasting relationships and most importantly focus on HAVING FUN! 

If you aren't in the Denver, CO (USA) area, don't feel left out because there is still a way you can be participate in the Ballbarians and be a part of us. 
We are always looking to expand our reach and form Ballbarians teams in other areas.  In fact, so far we have expanded to Hawaii & Alaska! 
Click here to find out more information on how to become a part of a great organization.

Continue reading this page to see any upcoming teams, leagues, events, and other types of exciting information currently in the works in the "Breaking & Latest News" section which you can find by scrolling down on this page.

Come join us for fun!

The 3 Captains, so far...
(left to right)
Arty (Dodgeball, Kickball, WASAPoolza, Moonlight Classic, Wiffleball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, F3, Mini- Golf, Basketball, Bowling, etc. & Vice-President),
Zoe (Soccer, Dodgeball),
Guy (Kickball, Xtreme Gym Challenge, & President/Founder)

(We're always looking for more captains or players/teammates that would like to help with teams, events, projects, provide input, etc. 
Click here to find out what kind of incentives/rewards we can offer if you are interested in helping out.)

Contact any current captain to get more information on how you can help out.  We welcome anyone that is interested!

Our Championships & Accomplishments:

2010 WASA Golden Wrench Dodgeball Tournament (League) Champions!
2011 CYAS F3 (Game Day) Champions!
2011 CYAS Dodgeball League Champions!
2012 CYAS Wiffleball League Champions!
2012 CYAS Basketball League Champions!
2012 Fall WASA Dodgeball Aurora League Champions!
2013 CYAS Bowling League Champions!
Multiple Soccer League Championships!


Here are some upcoming leagues, events, & things we are working on:

For leagues, click on the link of the team you want to join and that will take you to the registration page for that team.

For events and game times, click on the calendar to get all the specifics.

For other things, read the info about it and contact that person or email the captains.

If you're interested in joining in on the fun of any or all of the directly above sports/activities, send us an email .

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The Ballbarians are run on a tight budget and make no real money on the teams and things we do.  We do as a labor of love and enjoy doing it.
We however have some costs running this website, providing the gifts we hand out, etc.  So if you appreicate all the hard work & fun we provide, and would like to donate some money to the team we would greatly appreicate it.  You can donate below by clicking on the button.  Thanks in advance!

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