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Remember if you R.S.V.P. to games/events you get entered into the end of season (for teams) raffle where if you win you get a pick from the goodie bag
and end of year raffle where if you win the Ballbarians will pay for your fees for one upcoming season. 

To qualify for the raffle you must be subscribed to the specific team email list, i.e. Wiffleball, AND the main Ballbarians list. 
If you need to subscribe to any lists you can do so here.



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December 8, 2013: 4pm, Tournament Round 1
Yes No Maybe I'm not on this team but I can sub if you need me

December 15, 2013: 4pm, Tournament Round 2
Yes No Maybe I'm not on this team but I can sub if you need me


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The Ballbarians are run on a tight budget and make no real money on the teams and things we do.  We do as a labor of love and enjoy doing it.
We however have some costs running this website, providing the gifts we hand out, etc.  So if you appreicate all the hard work and would like to donate some money to the team we would greatly appreicate it.  You can donate below by clicking on the button.  Thanks in advance!

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